Fabulous Confetti

Expert support. Success guaranteed

✔ Tie Confetti to any Field, any Object

✔ Celebrate success

✔ Improve Salesforce adoption


Fabulous Confetti

Expert support. Success guaranteed.

✔ Tie Confetti to any Field, any Object

✔ Celebrate success

✔ Improve Salesforce adoption



Improve motivation

Positive reinforcement like confetti makes your users more motivated. 


Match it to your Company

Choose your style of confetti and music to match your companies style.


30-Minute Setup

Be up and running in 30 minutes or less. No coding and complex setup required.

Over 30 Happy Companies!

All Admin’s Helper apps have a 5-star rating. 

The Admin’s Helper Story

Apps for happy Users

I’m Johann, the founder of Admin’s Helper. I’ve been doing Salesforce since 2015. Often enough I needed a small, but powerful solution for a very specific use case. The first place to check always was and is the AppExchange.

If i’d find something on the AppExchange and could deliver amazing business value within days instead of weeks. My favorite app to this day is “Local Timezone Helper”. The AppExchange is very powerful, but there are still many apps to be built.

My mission is to help Admins out there solve specific business requirements with specific apps. Easy to use, simple but powerful, a fair price and amazing customer service. I hope I can deliver on that simple premise.s

Admins’s Helper Values

Amazing Service

Service, Service, Service! What you do to your customers and Users Admin's Helper does for you. We try to fix any request as quickly as possible. Our 5-star reviews speak of our dedication to customer service.

10 years of Salesforce experience and 19 certifications, fully automated testing, and a full-fledged CI/CD pipeline, those are just some of the ways we make sure all our Apps adhere to the highest quality standards.

Happy Users, nothing makes a good Admin happier. And oftentimes the small things in life make the biggest difference to Users. Admin's Helper`s purpose is to provide small, useful Apps to Administrators. Each App is focused on one problem, affordable, and can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Still have questions, send Johann a message: johann@cloudjohann.com

45 Day No-Risk Trial

Getting started is simple:

1) You pick a date and time

2) We install and configure the app (ca. 30 Min.)

3) You experience the benefit for 45 days


Simple but powerful

Make working fun!
✔ Everybody likes confetti
✔ 11 types of confetti
✔ 9 styles of music

Fit your processes
✔ Fully customizable
✔ Any Screen Flow
✔ Any field on any object

✔ Be up and running in 30 minutes or less
✔ No coding or complex setup required
✔ Fully native to Salesforce

$ 84
per Company / Year.